Great Northern - Down Under

My layout is based on the Great Falls - Shelby section of the Great Northern Railway. It is built for walk around operation as well as railfanning. The layout is operated under Digital Command Control by EasyDCC.

It is housed in its own building measuring 6m X 7.2m (20' x 24')and is located an hours drive north of Sydney, on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

We have regular monthly operating sessions and use Waybills & Car Cards to generate traffic movement. This keeps up to 6 operators busy for 3-4 hours.

All of the locos are fitted with sound systems that add to the 'atmosphere' of railroading. All steam Locos have WOW decoders and the diesels have WOW and Tsunami 2 decoders.

Gerry Hopkins MMR FNMRA


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