On Track Models 82 class

Installing the Tsunami PNP 8 decoders

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The Tsunami PNP8 replaces the original light board shown above it here. The original board is longer so the wires are not quite long enough - no problem as we will use a small board to hold the SMD resistors and as an extention board at each end.
Here is the "finished" install, The original blue wires are correct for the "+" connection. The red and black are both correct for track pick up wires - AND - the reds are both on the same side as is the black. The other colours have no relationship to any function. At least they do not follow the Australian colour code - all black. The transducer is shown at the left hand end of the board - it is running at a volume of 95 of 255.
This shows the "extension" board" used, it is a piece of perforated circuit board, the board was cut across the holes to allow mounting of the SMD resistors as shown. These are all 1k0. The same wire colours are used at both ends.
The finished loco with F0 for headlight; F1 for White marker lights (no bells in Australia); F8 for Red markers when required; F9 for Ditch lights - slightly over weathered.