Decoder Installs - Hints and Tips

Some of these are PDF files you can download and print if you wish.

Installing the TSNAMI 2 sound decoder into the ARM 3806 and adding Pickups and Lights
Installing the Tsunami PNP8 sound decoder in the
On Track Models 82 Class.
A photos of what to use and how to sold to the bottom of the rail.
Complete notes from the Decoder Pro Clinic given October 2018.
Clinic notes on track laying - the easy way.
Step by step photos of how to install a TSU 2 steam decoder in the Austrains 30 Class Tank.
Step by step photos of how to install a TSU 2 PNP Alco decoder in the Train-O-Rama 48 class.
Clinic notes on setting your decoder the way YOU want it not for Claude down at the club. Using Decoder Pro.
Clinic Notes on setting the performance of your Tsunami Diesel Decoder. Using Decoder Pro.
How to wire your Program Track safely.
How to connect your CVP Easydcc system to JMRI in easy steps.
A few photos installing a sound decoder and some photos of finished units.
Clinic Notes from Martyn Jenkins' clinic on setting up WiThrottles for you system.
General tip for DCC friendly and reliable operation of common turnouts.
Fitting class lights and numberboard lights to F3 and F7 locos for DCC operation.
Adding sound to a Bachmann On30 railbus that has been converted to On3 - Econami -UK.
Fitting non sound and then sound decoders to the Wombat 30T loco
How to add pickups to brass locos for reliable and enjoyable running.
How to add extra pickups to these locos for reliable running under all conditions.
How to replace split gears in the P2K locos with 4 wheel trucks.
Adding extra pickups to the early P2K 0-8-0 locos and any other plastic tender trucks
Shows how to connect wires to the Tsunami 2 PNP sound decoder.
General hints on what to remove and what to connect when installing a decoder.
Fitting Surface Mounted Devices such as LEDs and Resistors to locos for lighting.
Fitting SG90 servos and using Accessory Decoders for turnout and signal operation.
Adding pickups and lights to the NSW SHG brake van then adding a lighting decoder to control them.
Using assorted LEDs in numerous places to add that little extra to you locos.
Adding sound to a 1974 Brass Big Boy (O Scale) using the WOW 501 decoder.
Adding lights and a decoder to the Bachmann Tamper track car.