Decoder Installs - Photos

This image shows a number of locos that have had sound decoders installed.

Of the 11 locos shown , five have the TCS WOW101v3 and the other six have the Tsunami TSU1000.

Five of the locos are DJH Kits it is difficult to tell the difference between them and the later Brass locos - but they pull better.
This is the same image as above but has labels added to show the origin of the locos and their age.

The oldest is a brass AD60 from 1975, untill the install the loco had done very little running. Both open frame motors were replaced with Mashima Cans.

The latest AD60 is the Eureka from 2008 the QSI decoder was upgraded to a WOW and all the extra lights added.


Photos show a TCS WOW 101v3 decoder being installed in one of the locos. A Tsunami would be installed in exactly the same way but does not have the lighting flexibility of the WOW.
The KA2 Keep Alive unit is housed in the coal bunker and held with thin double sided tape. A false coal load will be added later.
The rear light board is about to be stuck in place with ACC glue. IT has 2 x 603 SMD on the board with a 3k3 SMD resistor. The fibre optics (0.5 mm)pass through the spacer, through the rear of the tender and through the marker lights.
Extra pickups are adder to the tender trucks as shown so that all 8 wheels pick up power.
On the top of the chassis, the wires are soldered to a short piece of PCB tie. trhe 2 power wires (red & black) will be attached here before passing to the loco.
Pickups added to the front and rear drivers. There is no need to add wipers to the 2 other drivers as they have no flanges and do not touch the rails. They will be painted black later and will be "invisible".
The speaker and its enclosure are a nice fit in the smoke box. I normally glue a piece of 1mm styrene to the base of the enclosure so tha a piece protrudes about 4mm to the front - something to catch hold of when fitting the speaker!
The head light has been stuck in place - 603 SMD LED. The two marker lights are 402 SMD LEDs glued to the back of the castings.
The WOW is fitted to the under side of the coal bunker with thin double sided tape. The wires go through to the loco - I NEVER use plugs on locos under O Scale.