Decoder Installs - Tsunami 2 PNP in a Train - O - Rama 48 class

Click on Image for full screen view.

First thing is to remove the couplers at each end of the chassis to free the body so that it will lift off.

Once the body is off you can remove all the plugs and remove the control board (green) as shown.

Cut off the two posts near the speaker that held the screws.

It is easy to see where the wires come from - ignore the colours - they will not help.
I glued a sheet of 1.0mm styrene to the chassis.

This will make a solid base for mounting the decoder
Here you can see I have added the double sided tape used to mount the decoder.

Only use the black tape for this. It is very sticky and does not effect the decoder.

White tape can contain aluminium power wich can upset the operation of the decoder.
Here the decoder has been mounted. The two wires coming up through the PCB are from the motor.

The wires from the switches have been cut off.
Here you can see that all the wires have been soldered to the decoder.

I have replaced the original wire with better ones that are also "colour coded". White is the headlight and yellow for the backup light.

You can also see white and yellow wires going to the opposite ends of the decoder. These are for the red trailing lights in reverse.
This is another view. You can see four "spare" functions on the bottom edge of the decoder.

If you wish the red lights can be connected to two of these and be controlled independantly - I suggest F4.
I have used Captan Tape to hold the wires down and tidy. You can use the supplied speaker with this decoder.