Layouts in Division Seven


Layouts mark with (X) are extinct - they have been dismantled,
some are being rebuilt in a new location.
The new layouts will be added to the list as they are re-built.

Central Coast (NSW) Doug Kirby
( X ) Costaplenty (CVP)
Sydney (NSW) Fred Gill GMMR (d) The Diamond Valley Lines Hon3 (DC)
Central Coast (NSW) Dennis Clarke MMR Barmedman (CVP)
Blue Mountains (NSW) Bob Best MMR ( X ) Great Northern Railway (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW) Peter Jensen 2
(UPDATED) Vermont Railway (Digitrax)
Medowie (NSW) Bill Fowler ( X )Eternal Swamps Railroad (CVP)
Sydney (NSW)Jim PooleCB&Q - Cody, Wyoming (CVP)
Sydney (NSW) John Baker (d) ( X ) UP / SP - Bakerville Sub (Sys 1)
Sydney (NSW) Sowerby Smith MMR Southern Pacific - Shasta Sub (MRC)
Central Coast (NSW) John Saxon MMR
Cedar Valley - Allegheny Sub (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW)
Gerry Hopkins MMR Great Northern - Great Falls Sub (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW)
Gerry Hopkins MMR Franklyn, Somerset & Kennebec Railroad (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW)Ken Scales MMRAtlantic Coast Railroad (NCE)
Central Coast (NSW) John Parker MMR
Barren Creek & Santa Fe (CVP)
Sydney NSW David Latham MMR Santa Fe (Sys 1)
Central Coast (NSW) David Swinfield (d)
( X ) Santa Fe - Raton Pass(CVP)
Sydney (NSW) Steve Pettit MMR ( X ) Otter Tail Canyon (NCE)
Central Coast (NSW)Phil Moore ( X ) Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (Sys 1)
Sydney (NSW)Ian Roffey Great Western Railway (NCE)
Sydney (NSW) Doug Wallace Mohawk Springs & Northwood (CVP)
Sydney (NSW) John Arrowsmith ATSF (NCE)
Central Coast (NSW) Paul Morrant MMRJust a Bit of Logging (NCE)
Syndey (NSW) David Howarth MMR New York Central (2014) The Beginning (NCE)
Sydney (NSW) Jeff Lee MMRBNSF - Downunder (NCE) UPDATED 13-03-2017
Central Coast (NSW) Graham Wotton BNSF Rogue River Sub-Division (CVP)
Blue Mountains (NSW) Bob Best MMR Great Northern (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW) Trevor James UP / SP - Mandalong Sub (CVP)
Sydney (NSW) Richard Biggs Western NSW (NCE)
Sydney (NSW) Geoff Nott (d) & John Montgomary Charging Moose On3 (NCE)
Central Coast (NSW) Spencer McCormack The Short North (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW) Steve Magee Lumber Mountain Railroad - On30 (NCE)
Southern Coast (NSW) Lynden Spence SANTA FE RAILWAY, LOS ANGELES DIVISION 1950s (NCE)
Sydney (NSW) Muskrat Ramble Southern Louisiana - On3 (DC)
Sydney (NSW) Lawrence Nagy Eire Lackawana - N Scale (NCE)
Southern Highlands (NSW) Geo Paxon MMR Mountain Logging - On3 (CVP)
Southern Highlands (NSW) Steve Pettit MMR The Timber Float Co. On3 (DC)
Sydney (NSW) David Howarth MMR ( X ) Beaumouth - O scale (NCE)
Sydney (NSW) Dieter Chidel The Chilli Line - HOn3 (DC)
Central Coast (NSW) David O'Hearn MMR Ohio River and Western Railroad - On30 (NCE)
Sydney (NSW) Don Davis (d) ( X ) South Side Rail - HO (NCE)
Newcastle (NSW) Doug Cook The Santa Fe & South Pacific - N Scale (DC)
Sydney (NSW) Bill Cooper Fern Valley Railway - HO (Lenz)
Sydney (NSW) Steve Chapman MMR Hill & Eile Railroad - On30 (Digitrax)
Raworth (NSW) Colin Hussey ( X ) Essence - NSW - HO (NCE)
Central Coast (NSW) Jack Parker Bohrimbah - NSW - HO (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW) Gerry Hopkins MMR Maineville - HOn30 (CVP)
Sydney (NSW) The Narrow Gauge Gang ( X ) Redstag - On3 - (DC)
Central Coast (NSW) Sam Mangion MMR (d) The Buff Point Branch - NSW - HO (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW) Rowan Mangion The South Main Line - NSW - HO (CVP)
Sydney (NSW) John Diamond MMR (d) ( X ) Tupper Lake & South Junction Railroad -HO (NCE)
Sydney (NSW) Geoff Nott (d) & Michael Flack Smuggler's Cove - On30 (DC)
Central Coast (NSW) Phil Moore (b)( X )ATSF New Mexico Division, Circa 1950 in HO (NCE)
Sydney (NSW) Vic Quince (d) The Inner West in HO (DC)
Bathurst (NSW) John Brown Tarana to Bathurst in HO (CVP)
Newcastle (NSW) Colin Brettle Southern Pacific - HO (NCE)
Denman (NSW) John Brown NSWGR - HO (DC)
Newcastle (NSW) Kelly Loyd MMR Milwaukee Road - HO (CVP)
Sydney (NSW) Rod Smith -(d) The Missouri and Topeka Valley Railroad (DC)
Central Coast (NSW) Jack MacMicking (d) Lynton & Barnstable - 45mm - Live Steam
Central Coast (NSW) Steve Reynolds Toronto (NSW) - O - DC
Sydney (NSW) Michael Flack Silverton - Sn3 - DC
Central Coast (NSW) Spencer MacCormack The Short North (NSW) - HO (CVP)
Central Coast (NSW) David Price Victoria Dock (UK) - OO (CVP)
Sydney (NSW) Doug Wallace Mowhawk Springs & Norwood - HO (CVP)