Pickups for the P2K 0-8-0

Gerry Hopkins MMR

The 0-8-0 loco from P2K runs perfectly at all speeds but does suffer from lack of picks on all wheels. The tender trucks were designed to take pickups but these were never fitted in production. This page will show you how to add picks in less than an hour. The P2K 0-6-0 is supplied with the extra pickups already fitted .

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This shot shows the 'cut-outs' already in the trucks of the 0-8-0.

This photo shows the elongated holes in the bottom of the tender. They go through to the space under the weight.

I use 10 thou or 12 thou brass wire (0.010" or 0.012") from Detail Associates as shown. Start with a piece about 2" long and bend as shown.

The wire should touch the outer rear edge of the flange. Yes, it will wear out - after approx. 500 hours. Solder a length of fine, flexible wire to the small tab. Use the wire from a pair of cheap head phones - the ones like ear plugs.

Pass the wire through the slots provided. I have used white wires from a decoder here for clarity.

The wires can be attached to the connector provided. The brass wire can be painted black when the installation is complete.

This shows the extra pickups added to a 30 year old brass loco.

This shows the pickups on the tender of the same loco.

There should be two pickups per truck - two trucks per tender. This will more than double the length of the wheel base for the pickups. I have used this method on Rivorossi locos as well as my HOn30 locos.