The Santa Fe & South Pacific

an N Scale layout by Doug Cook

The layout is a general representation of the west and mid-west of the United States but nowhere in particular set in the period between 1980 and 1996. While the motive power is predominatly Santa Fe you will often see SP and UP locomotives.

The layout is a linear walkaround layout occuping an area 25 ft by 16 ft and has a single track main line of approx. 182 ft in length with seven crossing loops with a minimum length of 6 ft 6 inches for the loops.

The minimum radius is 1 ft but is used in only a couple of places with all of the other curves made to the largest radius possible to fit the location. The majority of the track is Atlas code 80 flex track and all of the 121 turnouts are Peco code 80.

The control system used is standard DC block control with 3 wireless throttles and 3 tethered throttles which are used in the yard areas. The scenery is about 50 percent complete and is mostly hard shell while the structures are a comination of scratch built, kitbashed and straight kits. The majority of the towns and locations are named after relatives and good friends.

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