Great Northern - Downunder

Here are a few links to other sites of interest for the model railroader

Checked and updated 15th July 2019

Great Northern Historical Society The fountain of all information on the Great Northern Railway
Great Northern Empire - Then and Now My favorite railway
Great Northern Railway Page More Information on the Great Northerrn Railway
Decoder Pro The best program for programming your decoder, works with all systems - and its free!
HOn30 Home Depot Home of the HOn30 Mail Car with many other links.
HOn30 Page Everything you wanted to know about HOn30 by Bob Hayden
Is It Progress? Thr Advantages off DCC if used to the fullest.

NMRA Australasian Region The NMRA - Down Under.
NMRA Web Links Page World wide links to railroad related pages.

DCC Sights of Interest
Mark Gurries A wealth of information for the DCC modeller
EasyDCC The best DCC system for the operating modeller. (The system I use)
Gwydir Valley Hobbies Many kits, tools, decoders, and Australian Easydcc Dealer
Train Control Systems Makes of WOW Sound decoders and Non-sound decoders